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Our story began in the sunlit kitchens of the Mediterranean, where Hommus is spelled with an "O". Cedar’s founders Abe & Layla Hanna lovingly perfected the way we make Hommus there—in the old world. They made it the traditional way, with pure ingredients and a simple process. Our family got to work.

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When we first got to the States, we made batch after batch. Always tasting, always perfecting, and always sharing. Making this food was already our family's passion; getting it on shelves now became our mission. We packaged and delivered our first orders locally. We started feeding New England.

The rest of America was soon to follow.

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Our Hommus and Taboule Salad were the first Cedar's products to be welcomed into homes across the nation. Once we were leading the charge of Mediterranean food in the United States, it was time to experiment. We infused different combinations of spices and veggies until we came up with new and exciting flavors.

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We went beyond Hommus to bring you other delicious foods, always with an eye on quality and freshness. We've since expanded to our fresh Mediterranean Salads, Greek yogurt-based Dips, Salsa, Pita Chips, Wraps and—of course—our legendary Tzatziki.

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Simply Made

Cedar’s chefs have life-long expertise in Mediterranean foods. Their unique ability to create authentic recipes like those found on the Mediterranean seacoast is what sets us apart. With every bite you take, you can be sure that you are tasting a small piece of the world’s finest Mediterranean food.

It all starts with the Hommus.

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We pick the finest non-GMO, vine-dried garbanzo beans.



We soak the garbs in pure, crystal clear water.



Some guys boil. We steam.



We pride ourselves on the smoothness of our Hommus.



Our rich, non-GMO tahini give our Hommus its signature taste.



All of our flavors use the highest quality veggies and spices.


Here's how we do it:

That's how we make it. Want to know what we put into it? Keep scrolling...


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The Best Ingredients

Cedar’s believes in creating the most extraordinary Mediterranean food. Every recipe we make is hand-crafted with the same passion as the very first batch. Mediterranean foods should be made just as they are in the tiny villages that made them famous—with simple, fresh, whole ingredients.

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Simple and pure. Pure and simple.

Simple and pure. Pure and simple. One thing that sets us apart is our ingredients. We keep everything out except the stuff that should be there. It is the purity of our ingredients that allows us to make the most delicious, most authentic Hommus you’ve ever tasted—while ditching the preservatives the other guys depend on.*

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* We keep it simple. Our products use Project Non-GMO Verified Citric Acid. A lot of people get nervous when they hear “acid,” but the truth is that Citric Acid is found in significant quantities in lemon and lime juice. We care as much about the high quality of this ingredient as everything else in our hommus.

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For our Hommus, it starts with the beans. Our non-GMO garbanzos are lovingly grown and vine-dried. First soaked then steam-cooked in cool, crystal clear New England waters. We know that better garbs means better hommus.

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Our commitment to quality extends to the rest of the ingredients. We also use only the richest tahini, the tastiest veggies, and the choicest spices from around the globe. We personally taste test every batch to ensure it’s up to our—and your—standards. The chickpeas are the start, but every component does its part to create the perfect balance of flavors.